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Contribution from Braver

Innovation strategy and assistance in getting Grieg Edge off the ground

How can we contribute to a green and sustainable maritime future?

In 2019, the Grieg Maritime Group decided to create a new business unit dedicated to exploring answers to that question – and invited us to come on board and help chart the course for their new innovation unit, Grieg Edge.

After much experimentation and opportunity exploration, Grieg Edge got its biggest win so far at the end of 2020, when it was awarded a grant of 46 million NOK (~ $5.5 million) by the Norwegian government to develop MS Green Ammonia, the world’s first zero-emission tanker.

MS Green Ammonia will use ammonia for fuel, and also ship ammonia to end customers across Norway starting in 2024. Until then, Grieg Edge and their engineering partner Wärtilä will be hard at work to prove the feasibility of the new technology required to make MS Green Ammonia a reality. The ultimate goal of this ambitious project is not merely to get one particular ship launched, but to prove that ammonia-powered vessels are technically and financially viable, and thus pave the way for a new generation of zero-emission vessels world wide.

From the Grieg Edge website

For more on MS Green Ammonia, see the following press releases:

Interview with Grieg Edge leadership

As we finish up our work with Grieg Edge, we wish them all the best for the future – we can’t wait to see what you come up with going forwards!

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